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Sitemap for Down Garden Services

Weed Identifier
includes pages with information about identifying, removing and preventing weeds. Also pictures of Weed Leaves, Weed Flowers and Weed Seedlings. A list of wayward garden plants which can outgrow their welcome, especially in a 'natural' garden. The main pageS have a list of common garden weeds which links to a monograph on each one with pictures. There are also lists of Common and Botanical names.
Some of the weeds are edible and the page on Wild Food lists some of them.
A page on Weedkillers explains how they work and how to apply them.

Garden Creatures
the main page has a gallery of thumbnail pictures of many creatures found in the garden, both friends and enemies. Each thumbnail links to a monograph on the creature and how to treat it. Some recent alien invaders are mentioned

Plant Diseases
includes monographs on diseases which affect plants and their treatment. Home-made treatments can be prepared using readily obtained items which should not harm the environment

a section which arose due to the uses which some of the plants regarded as weeds have been used in herbal remedies. This section also has information on Juicing, Preparing Medicinal Herbs, Antioxidants, Superfoods and Ailments which can be treated with some of the herbal remedies.

Biological Control
Using natural methods to control pests and diseases

Genetic Modification
the method of adding genes to DNA which change the way cells function.
The interaction between the climate and gardening. What Plant Hardiness Zones mean
How climate change may have an effect on the way we garden in the future.
The growing Permaculture movement is following environmentally friendly techniques.
Companion Planting
using plants to deter pests and improve production

Compost Making
recycling garden and kitchen waste to produce a very useful fertilizer and soil improver.
Biodynamic Gardening uses compost and special Preparations to care for the soil.
Container Gardening
growing in containers
and the best compost to use
Plant Nutrition
the 13 essential plant nutrients and fertilizers to supplement them.
How the addition of beneficial fungi can aid plant devemopment.
Weather Folklore
Old sayings associated with the weather.
Lawn Care
pages on preparing, sowing and maintaining a lawn with information on weeds and diseases

Light and Water
Some plant physiology, explaining the importance of light and water.
Plant Hormones and their effects explained.
Plant Naming
an explanation of the 'Latin' names of plants

A guide to pruning and the principles behind some of the techniques used.

Vegetable Growing
preparing a vegetable plot, some vegetables to grow there, vegetables in seasonand a planting schedule.

Garden Allergies
allergens which are found in the garden and how to reduce them.

notes on how to prepare some organic mixtures for use as fertilizers and pesticides.

the development and types of soil

Garden Tools
a basic list of gardening tools and their uses.

Monthly Tips
12 pages giving gardening tips for each month of the year.

Plant of the Moment
a picture of a plant which is showing well in my garden.
Pictures and descriptions of developments in my garden showing how the pond was made and the greenhouse installed.
D.I.Y. Hints
some hints for cleaning, decorating and stain removal

Conversion Factors
tables of factors for converting units of measurement for Length, Area, Volume and Weight plus Miscellaneous others

D.I.Y. Hints
some hints for cleaning, decorating and stain removal


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