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Planting and Harvesting Schedule

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The table below gives the planting and harvesting times for some of the popular vegetables. To add more crops to your growing schedule there is usually a guide on the seed packet. The dates can only be approximate due to differing conditions in your area. If the weather is cold or wet, or the soil is wet, the sowing will be delayed. Similarly harvesting may be affected later by the weather.
It may be helpful to arrange your seed packets in chronological order. A file box with monthly divisions would show when the seed should be sown. Harvesting time will become obvious in the garden as the crop matures, but the used packet could be moved to the relevant month. For crops such as potatoes or onions which are planted as tubers and 'sets', a card with the information on it could be used. An airtight container such as a lunch-box, would be best to keep the seed viable for longer. Storing it in the fridge would provide the cool, dry conditions that are ideal.

Vegetable Sow Indoors Sow Under Cloche Sow Outdoors Thin Transplant Harvest
Broad Bean   October in cooler places October or March/April     May to September
Broad Bean February in pots or modules       when 7.5 to 10cm July to September
Runner Bean   April May to June     July to October
Beetroot     April to June May to July   June to September
Broccoli     April to May   July/August April to May (next year)
Savoy Cabbage     March to April   July/August January to March (next year)
Carrot     March to May May to June   July to November (lift and store)
Courgette April to May       June July to October (pick at approx. 15cm)
Kale     April to May   June to July November to April
Leek     March to April   May to June October to April
Lettuce February to October in modules March to September April to September as required   When ready
Spring Onions     August to April     January to October
Onion sets         March to April July to September (lift and store)
Peas February to April       when 5 to 7.5cm July to September
Peas     October or March (rounded)
April to June (wrinkled)
    June to September
Potatoes         March to April July to October (lift and store)
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Preparing a Plot    Vegetable Crops    Vegetables in season    Preserving

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