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If carried out regularly most cleaning problems can be avoided - but that is in an ideal world and there will always be some things which will need to be dealt with. The following are a few tips which may be of use.

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  • Use vinegar to clean chromed taps (faucets) and other parts which have been dulled with a crust of calcium salts from hard water. Some gold coloured and brass taps may tarnish, so should not be treated. Use a wad of cotton wool soaked in vinegar and leave for a few hours to soften tough bits.
  • Cake soap contains fat so the dull scum on a bath or shower may be caused by this in a soft water region. To avoid this build-up, use a liquid soap or gel.
  • Use lemon juice to clean soiled grout between tiles.
  • To clean badly tarnished brass soak in a solution of oxalic acid overnight. Vinegar or lemon juice may also have some effect as they are both acid. Use 000 grade wire wool to remove the softened verdigris then buff with metal polish to return the shine.
  • Bakalite can be brought back to a glossy finish with a polish suitable for chrome.
  • If using a spray polish to clean furniture apply it to the duster before use to prevent a residue.
  • To reduce the build-up of static on a television screen, apply fabric conditioner and buff dry. Add one part conditioner to four parts water. The mixture works on other dusty surfaces to reduce dust buildup. For slatted blinds apply the solution using a fabric glove soaked in it.
  • Cut a potato in half and smeer over a window and buff dry, to prevent the formation of condensation. On a mirror use washing-up liquid.
  • To clean grime off a paper print use pieces of bread. Rub them over the surface and the dirt will become incorporated in the compressed "worms" which form.

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