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As an introduction here are a few remedies which can be prepared from common garden plants and 'weeds'. (The methods of preparation are explained on the Herbal Remedies page.)

Appetite StimulantAngelica Decoctionuse leaves or roots a cupful 30 mins before food enhances sun sensitivity, could cause a rash
Cold SoreGarliccut through a clovedab on as first tingling sensations appear
Cold SoreLemon Balm Juicesqueeze juice from leavesapply to cold sore
ConstipationDock Rootdecoction of chopped rootone cupful three times daily
CoughThyme Syrupchop aerial parts, infuse and make a syruptwo teaspoonsful three times daily
CystitisCouchgrass Tea a decoction of the underground stems 2 - 4 desertspoonsful, three to four times daily
DepressionSt John's Wort Tincturetincture of aerial parts as flowers appearone teaspoonful three times daily for up to three weeks skin sensitivity with prolonged use, can effect prescription medication - ask doctor or pharmacist
DiarrhoeaSolomon's Seal Rootcleaned whole rootchew a couple of roots when required
Dry SkinChickweed Moisturiserincorporate aerial parts in Emulsifying Oint.apply as needed
EczemaRed Clover & Fumitory Cleansing Teainfuse equal parts Clover flowers and aerial parts Fumitoryone cupful three times daily to cleanse the system
FeverElderflower Teainfuse 2 teaspoonsful per cuptwo cupsful (hot), three times daily
Hair loss Southernwood & Rosemary Infusioninfuse the two herbs and combine in equal partsrub into scalp, stimulates circulation encouraging healthy growth
HangoverLavender Teainfuse three lavender sprigs in a tea potfor the morning after
Headache - MigraineFeverfew Sandwicha leaf in two small pieces of bread (no butter)
infuse 1 oz dried herb in 1 pint boiling water
take at onset of symptoms

one cupful three times daily as a preventitive
avoid during pregnancy or if taking anticoagulents, may cause mouth ulcers
Head ColdYarrow & Plantain Teainfuse one teaspoon of (dried) leaves of eacha cupful three times dailyYarrow can cause skin rash, avoid high doses if pregnant
Head ColdNasturtium Teainfuse flowers and leavesone cupful three times daily
Immune SystemConeflowera decoction or tincture of Echinacea rootone cupful decoction or one teaspoonful of tincture three times daily
Itchy SkinWhole Chickweedsqueeze a few leavesrub gently in affected area
Nerve TonicLavender & Rosemary Teainfuse a sprig of each in a cupful of hot waterdaily as needed
Sore ThroatSage gargleinfusion of leaves with a little honey addedoften when requiredavoid if epileptic or large doses if pregnant
Travel SicknessGinger Rootgrate some into tea, add to recipes. Suck candied ginger when required, before and during journey avoid in pregnancy and with gallstones

These are just some of the uses of these herbs and you will find many others listed in the literature.

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Herbal Remedies Page  Preparing Herbal Remedies  Herb Uses  Superfoods  Antioxidants