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Factors for Converting Units of Area

This page gives conversion factors which can be used to interchange various units of area. Also some units used in older publications.

The calculator below can be dragged around with your mouse for working out the conversion.
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Useful Area Reationships

1 English Statute or Imperial acre = 1 furlong (furrow long) x 1 chain (22 yards) = 4,840 square yards.

One acre was about the area that a man with a team of horses could plough in a day. Also when estimating the amount of work to be done a man could pace out a small area, then multiply up to tell how long a job would take and how much it would cost, eg. 22 yards make a chain and there are 10 square chains in an acre, so by pacing out a patch of ground a rough estimate of its size can be obtained.
But not all acres are the same, with some countries having different sizes.
1 Scottish acre = 6,104.128 square yards (1 Scottish = 1.261 Imperial).
1 Irish acre = 7,840.8 square yards (1 Irish = 1.62 Imperial).

1 rood = 40 square poles = 1210 sq yds
4 roods = 1 acre
10 square chains = 1 acre.
540 acres = 1 square mile
1 square pole = 1 square rod = 1 square perch = 1/160th of an acre = 30.25 sq yds = 272 ¼ sq feet
(A square rod was used to measure brickwork and masonry. A rod is 5½ yards long and not a misspelling of a rood.)
1 acre = 4,046.9 square metres
1 hectare = 2.4711 acres
1 hectare = 10,000 square metres
1 square mile = 259.0 hectares
1 square kilometre = 0.3861 square miles

Important note:
When quoting area in any form it should be noted that a "square unit" is only equal to a "unit square(d)" when the value is one.
ie. one square metre equals one metre square, but two square metres do not equal two metres square.

two square metres (2m2) =  approx 1.4142m x 1.4142m or any other shape,
whereas two metres square is an area 2m x 2m  =  4m2.

Area Conversion Factors

fromtomultiply by
square inches (in2)square millimetres (mm2)645.16
square inchessquare centimetres6.4516
square centimetres (cm2)square inches0.155
square feet (ft2)square centimetres929.03
square feetsquare metres0.0929
square metres(m2)square feet10.764
square yards(yd2)square metres0.83612
square metressquare yards1.196
square milessquare kilometres2.5899
square kilometressquare miles0.386
square mileshectares258.999
acressquare metres4046.86
hectaressquare metres10,000
hectaressquare kilometres0.01
hectaressquare yards11,960

Imperial to Metric Area Equivalences

yd2=m2 m2=yd2

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