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A quick reference of the subjects covered on this site. The titles shown in BOLD CAPITALS are sections with many sub-pages linked within them. The texts of articles also contain many intra-site links where further information can be found related to the topics concerned and some pop-up boxes giving definitions of terms used which are revealed by holding the cursor over the word or touching the screen.
IDENTIFYING AND TREATING WEEDS - images and descriptions of garden weeds and how to deal with them.
WEEDKILLERS - the types of herbicides available and how to use them.
GARDEN CREATURES - friends and foes; images and descriptions of the fauna encountered in the garden
PLANT DISEASES - images of symptoms with descriptions of how to treat and avoid them.
GROWING VEGETABLES - growing your own crops from preparing the plot to planting and harvesting.
LAWN CARE - making and maintaining a lawn.
A GUIDE TO PRUNING - tools and techniques used to keep the garden under control.
Choosing Garden Tools - descriptions of the tools used to maintain a beautiful garden.
Growing in Containers - types of containers and how to use them.
HERBAL MEDICINES FROM THE GARDEN - descriptions of the preparation and uses of plants, many of which are regarded as weeds, but have been used in folk medicine.
Antioxidants - the compounds found in many plants which are said to be beneficial to health.
Gathering Wild Food - many plants regarded as weeds have nutritional value.
Superfoods - some fruit and foliage are said to have more beneficial effects than others.
Biological Control - the use of living organisms to remove pests.
Companion Planting - using plants to improve the growth of plants and deter pests.
Biodynamic Gardening - a method of growing plants using natural substances and following celestial cues.
Growing by the Permaculture Method - growing plants in harmony with nature.
Climate and the Garden - a description of the climate and how it affects the garden
Climate Change - how changes in the climate could affect the garden.
Weather Folkfore - old sayings about the weather.
Plant Hardiness Zones - how the zones given for the survival of plants are defined. Making Garden Compost - methods of recycling garden waste and what to include.
John Innes Composts - description of the types of potting compost and the ingredients.
Home-made Garden Remedies - how to make some natural pesticides and fertilizers.
Effect of Light on Plants - how plants use light to make their food and control their growth.
Fertilizers and Nutrients - major, minor and trace elements used by plants for optimum health.
Plant Hormones - the chemicals which effect the growth and development of plants.
Water and Plants - how plants use water.
When and How to Water - how to apply water for the best results.
Genetic Modification of Plants - using laboratory techniques to change the growth of plants.
Mycohrrizal Fungi - underground fungi which have a great influence on the growth of plants.
Useful Conversion Factors - units of measurement defined and tables for converting between them.
Scientific Naming of Plants - how the unique names for plants were derived.
Garden Allergies - substances encountered in the garden which can cause allergies and how to reduce the problems.
Garden Folklore - sayings and superstitions passed down the generations relating to the garden.
Gardening Quotes - quotes from famous people from the past and present, on gardening.
MY GARDEN - Pictures and descriptions of developments in my garden also showing how the pond was made and the greenhouse installed.

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