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Common Mouse-ear

Scientific Name: Cerastium fontanum
Other name: Common Mouse-ear Chickweed
Family: Caryophyllaceae

This is a short-lived perennial which resembles chickweed in looks and growth habit, but is not as vigorous. The leaves are grey-green, fleshy and covered in fine hairs.
Flowering can occur from early spring to late autumn. The flowers occur in clusters on extended stems and have five white petals each deeply notched in the middle. They are pollinated by flies or are self-pollinated.
The seed are thought to persist in the soil for up to 40 years and can survive ingestion by cattle and birds. The plant can be an alternative host for Cucumber Mosaic Virus, which can also be carried in the seed.

Weedkillers to use:-
A residual herbicide to supress germination. A systemic like glyphosate will kill the whole plant.

a  picture of Common Mouse-ear

See also Common Chickweed, Bog Stitchwort and Greater Stitchwort which are closely related and have similar flowers.

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