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Northern Knotgrass

Scientific Name: Polygonum boreale
Family: POLYGONACEAE(Buckwheat)

Annual, spreading by seed, it is not a grass as the common name might suggest, but is a member of the Polygonaceae Family. The leaves have a short stalk and are rounded at the ends. Sap can be irritant to the skin.
Flowers appear from June to October as a cluster of small pink flowers in the angle between leaf and stem.

Height - up to 60 cm, but on open ground it is usually prostrate, scrambling over the surface.
Hoe or hand pull; tough branching tap-root. Apply mulch to newly cultivated beds to prevent germination. The seed can lie dormant for some time, so allowing a fallow period before planting or sowing should allow germination and the weeds can be removed.

Weedkillers to use:-
Paraquat, Diquat kill on contact.

See also Common Knotgrass and Cornfield Knotgrass which have similar growth habits and flowers. Redshank is related but has flower spikes.

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