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Common Knotgrass

Scientific Name: Polygonum aviculare
Other names: Birdgrass, Doorweed, Irongrass, Matgrass, Prostrate Knotweed, Stonegrass
Family: POLYGONACEAE(Buckwheat)

Annual, spreading by seed, it is not a grass as the common name might suggest, but is a member of the Polygonaceae Family. The wirey branched stems have 'knots' at leaf joints which are swollen with a covering silvery scale. The lance-shaped leaves have a short stalk. The sap can be irritant to the skin, but it has styptic properties and the crushed leaves have been used to staunch a nosebleed by rubbing into the nostrils.
Flowers from July to October - a cluster of small white flowers in the angle between leaf and stem.
Height - up to 60 cm, but on open ground it is usually prostrate, scrambling over the surface.

Hoe or hand pull, tough branching tap-root, giving rise to other name, Iron-grass. Applying mulch to newly cultivated bed should prevent germination.
In a newly sown lawn most of the topgrowth will be removed by the mower when cutting begins and as an annual it will die off later.

Weedkillers to use:-
Paraquat, Diquat kill on contact. Glyphosate will also work, but the delayed action may allow seeds to be shed if the plants are near maturity.

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picture of Knotgrass