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Common Field Speedwell

Scientific Name: Veronica persica
Other Names: Persian speedwell, Buxbaum’s speedwell, Large Field Speedwell, or Bird's-eye
Family: Scrophulariaceae (Figwort)

This Speedwell is an annual which originated in Asia, but is now established in Britain and can be considered a weed. The Genus name Veronica is believed to originate from the woman who mopped the brow of Jesus as he struggled with the cross on his way to Calvery and why it was sewen into the coat of travellers in Ireland to 'speed' them on their journey.
The green, dull, hairy leaves have a serrated edge with well defined veins which radiate from the stalk. They are very similar to those of Germander Speedwell, but the flowers distinguish them.
The bright blue flowers appear throughout most of the year and are held singly on stalks arising from the leaf axils. They are similar to those of Slender Speedwell with darker veins on the petals. They are pollinated by insects or are self-pollinated.

It is easily uprooted, but fragments of stem may take root again. There may also be a reservoir of seeds which will germinate later - they have been shown to persist for at least 20 years. Hoeing of cultivated ground should discourage establishment. Weedkillers are effective and any new seedlings will require re-treatment.

See also:- Germander Speedwell, Ivy-leaved speedwell, Slender Speedwell and Thyme-leaved Speedwell.

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picture of Common Field Speedwell