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Welsh Poppy

Scientific Name: Meconopsis cambrica syn. Papaver cambricum (in older publications)
Family: Papaveraceae

This attractive, perennial, yellow to pale orange poppy is a native British plant that can be quite welcome at first, but with its prolific seed production it soon attains weed status.

The bright green leaves have broad, lobed leaflets.

The flowers are borne singly on long stalks and drop their four hairy sepals as they open from drooping buds. After a few days the petals fall and an upright, green fruit which tapers to a point, remains. This turns brown and the top opens to release many small, black seeds when shaken.

The deep taproot of mature plants can be difficult to dig out, especially if it has established in a crevice, and it will regenerate if it is not completely removed. If it is to be kept as an ornamental plant regular dead-heading is necessary - the flower-buds droop over whereas the seedheads are upright.
In awkward places a weedkiller such as Glyphosate will destroy the taproot.

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picture of welsh poppy