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Field Forget-me-not

Scientific Name : Myosotis arvensis
Other name: Common Forget-me-notFamily: Boraginaceae

This annual can become a pest in the garden if it is allowed to produce seed. It prefers dry conditions and is found in arable soils, roadsides and waste ground. The genus Myosotis derives its name from the Greek for 'mouse', "mus" and 'ear', "otos", due to the shape of the leaves that are covered in hairs.

There is a basal rosette of leaves which are oblong with rounded ends and usually stalkless. There are some arranged alternately on branching stems which have erect, downy hairs. The plant can reach 15 to 40cm in height.
The flower spike opens from a tight coil. The flowers open between April and October on forked, stalked spikes and are usually grey-blue, but pink in bud and some may remain so. They are slightly concave when fully open and are about 2 to 5mm in diameter with yellow centres and white honeyguides.

The plants are easily uprooted and should be removed before flowering occurs. At this stage they can be put on the compost heap.
Weedkillers to use:-
A residual herbicide to suppress germination.
Paraquat, Diquat, contact action killing top growth, apply before flowering.
Glyphosate kills the whole plant, but it may be capable of shedding viable seed so remove any flowers that are present.

The Forget-me-nots are difficult to tell apart, seeTrue Forget-me-not, also Green Alkanet which has similar flowers.

picture of Field Forget-me-not

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