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Purple Dog-violet

Scientific Name: Viola riviniana 'Purpurea'
syn. Viola labradorica 'Purpurea'
Other names: Purple Wood Violet
Family: Violaceae

This is a variant of the European native Common Dog Violet which is grown as a garden plant, but can become invasive as it self-seeds prolificly and the clumps can spread by short runners.

The heart-shaped leaves have a purple tinge, but are greener if growing in deep shade.

The unscented flowers are borne on single stems and the colours can vary from pale mauve to deep violet. The main blooming period is from March to May, but they can appear anytime between February and July.

The white, fibrous adventitious roots do not regrow, but ensure that the growing point is removed.
Weedkillers to use:-
Glyphosate, systemic action killing the whole plant. It will probably take many applications to eradicate it because of the reservoir of seed. Provided the soil is not disturbed the seed near the surface should eventually be eradicated.

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picture of Purple Dog-violet