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Tufted Vetch

Scientific Name: Vica cracca
Other names: Cow Vetch, Bird Vetch
Family: Fabaceae/Leguminosae (Pea Family)

Perennial, spreading by seed and fine, buff-coloured creeping roots. Scrambles through plants and hedges, holding on by tendrils which grow from the ends of the leaf stalks. Member of the Pea family, so fixes its own nitrogen in nodules on the roots.
It has been used as a forage crop for cattle and the seeds are eaten by birds. It is native to Eurasia, but is naturalised in many other places where it can be treated as a weed due to detrimental effects on less vigorous, native plants. Flowers from June to August, purple-violet arranged in one-sided racemes, arise from the leaf axils. The seeds develop in pea-like pods (legumes), which turn black when mature.
Height - up to 1 metre.
Treat as for Bindweed.
Weedkillers to use;-
Glyphosate, systemic action, taken down into underground parts.

See also Bush Vetch and Common Vetch

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picture of tufted vetch

picture of tufted vetch roots