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Field Bindweed

Scientific Name : Convolvulus arvensis
Other names: Bearbine, Bethbine, Cornbine, Field Convolvulus, Wild Convolvulus
Family: Convolvulaceae

A perennial similar to Hedge Bindweed but only reaches about 100 cm in height. It is a problem in arable growing as it smothers the crop, dragging it down to the ground. The extensive rhizomes mean that it is very persistent and can spread over a large area. In the first year of growth they go down about 120 cm, but after a few years can reach 4 m deep, with branches going off horizontally.
Flowering is from June to September with seed being set from August to October. Some germinate immediately, but most start into growth in the spring. The seed can persist in the soil for about 20 years.

To control it culturally is difficult with the only option being exhaustion of the roots by continual removal of the topgrowth or digging up the roots. Frequent tillage during a fallow year exposes the brittle, fleshy rhizomes to be gathered or they may dry out in hot weather.
Companion planting with Tagetes minuta is said to inhibit growth so a barrier planting may stop the Bindweed from encroaching.
Treatment with a systemic weedkiller is the better option, but if it has seeded further emergance will occur.
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Similar to Hedge Bindweed, but is found in more open ground.

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