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Annual Meadow-grass

Scientific Name: Poa annua
Other names: Annual Bluegrass, Low Spear-grass
Family: Poaceae

Annual spreading by seed, does not form runners. Found in nearly all lawns, but does not form unsightly clumps. It is added to some utility lawn seed mixes and is useful under trees, but is a weed in luxury turf.
It flowers and produces seed all year round. This can be a problem when the wind blows seed from the lawn to flowerbeds and paths; it is usually the grass found in crevices of paving.
It can be an asset to regenerate the grass sward after periods of drought, but in a luxury lawn frequent watering will encourage its growth due to its shallow rooting system, and for the same reason it will die off quickly if watering ceases.
Hoe or hand pull in flowerbeds (tenacious roots). In a luxury lawn hand weed if not too extensive, you will spot the seedheads. A weed burner can reduce the amount of seed present on paths and gravel.

Weedkillers to use:-
The amount of seed produced will mean that it returns quite quickly. A residual agent should suppress germination on paths and around mature plantings.
Paraquat, with contact action, will work quickly; apply at seedling stage if possible as seedheads will soon develop.
A systemic agent such as Glyphosate will kill the weed, but seeds may be produced by the time it expires. It does not respond to selective weedkillers in the lawn, so if it is a problem in a luxury lawn, it may have to be relayed.

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