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This is a list of some of the plants in my garden. I try to keep it up to date, but as I am continually acquiring more, the list is far from complete. Also as I don't have the species or variety name of quite a few, I have not included them. It is copied from a database so the table is rather large and takes a moment to download

Use the index and scrollbars to move around, the latin name is listed at both sides to aid navigation.


Acanthus spinosusBear's breechesevergreen perennialAcanthaceae mauve and whitesummer dark green 120 x 90 cmsunny for flowers, some shadewell drained Acanthus spinosus
Achillea grandifolia  evergreen perennial CompositaeEurope and Asiacreamy white, in headssummer to early autumnoval greyish up to 12cm long1 m x 60 cmfull sunwell-draineddivide 3yrly in springAchillea grandifolia
Aciphylla aureaGolden Spaniardevergreen perennialUmbelliferae golden spikelate spring, early summeryellow-green, bayonet-like60 x 75 cmsunwell drained, grit around neck Aciphylla aurea
Aconitum napellusMonkshood,friar's capperennialRanunculaceaenativedeep pinkish violetearly to mid summerdark green, glossy, deeply divided100 x 30 cmpartial to full shaderich, moisture retentivecut back flowers, divide regularlyAconitum napellus
Agapanthus africanus 'Alba'White lily of the Nileherbaceous bulbLiliaceaeSouth Africawhitemid summer to early autumndark green, glossy, strap-like90 x 40 cmfull sunwell-drained, humus rich Agapanthus africanus 'Alba'
Agapanthus africanus 'Headbourne Hybrid'African lillyherbaceous bulbLiliaceaeSouth Africabright bluelate summerdark green75 x 25 cmfull sunhumus rich, free draining Agapanthus africanus 'Headbourne Hybrid'
Ajuga reptans 'Atropurpurea'Bugleevergreen perennialLabiataeEuropedeep blueMay to Augustdark purple, bronze20 x 30 cmsun or shademoisture retentiveinvasiveAjuga reptans 'Atropurpurea'
Ajuga reptans 'Catlin's Giant'Bugleevergreen perennialLibiatae blue spikesearly summerbronze30 x 30 cmsun or shademoisture-retentive Ajuga reptans 'Catlin's Giant'
Alchemilla mollisLady's mantleherbaceous perennialRosaceae yellowearly summerpale green30 x 45 cmsun, partial shademoist, well drainedseeds freelyAlchemilla mollis
Anaphalis triplinervisSummer snowevergreen perennialCompositaeHimalayaswhite, domed clusterssummer to early autumnsilvery-grey25 x 60 cmsunnyfree-drainingground cover, cut flowersAnaphalis triplinervis
Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'Japanese Anemoneherbaceous perennialRanunculaceaeChinapure white, singlelate summer, autumnsun or partial shade  any, well-drained Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'
Angelica archangelicaAngelicabiennial herbUmbelliferae creamy-whiteearly to late summerpale green, divided, purple-tinged stems2 m x 75 cmfull sun or partial shademoist, fertile Angelica archangelica
Anthemis tinctoria herbaceous perennialCompositaeAsia, Europe and N Africapale lemon-yellowearly to late summerferny grey-green60 x 60 cmopen, sunnywell drainedcut back after floweringAnthemis tinctoria
Aquilega alpinaColumbineherbaceous perennialRanunculaceaeNorthern Hemispherebright bluelate spring, early summermid green60 x 25 cmsun, partial shademoist, free draining, humus rich Aquilega alpina
Aquilegia 'Crimson Star'Columbineherbaceous perennialRanunculaceae red sepals, yellow petalslate spring, summergreen, dissected and lobed65 x 30 cmpartial shadewell drained, rich Aquilegia 'Crimson Star'
Aquilegia hybrida 'McKanna Hybrids'Columbineherbaceous perennialRanunculaceaeNorthern Hemispherered and yellowlate spring, early summergrey-green60 x 20 cmsun, partial shademoist, free draining, humus rich Aquilegia hybrida 'McKanna Hybrids'
Aquilegia saximontanaColumbinealpineRanunculaceae deep blueLate spring, early summergrey-green15 x 10 cmfull sunwell drained, gritty Aquilegia saximontana
Arabis ferdinandi-coburgi 'Old Gold'Rockcressalpine, ground coverCruciferaeEurope, W Asia, N Americawhite late springoblong, deep green, creamy edges20 x 45 cm sunnywell drainedground coverArabis ferdinandi-coburgi 'Old Gold'
Araucaria araucanaMonkey puzzleevergreen tree AraucariaceaeChile  dark green, pointed overlapping6 x 3 m (10 yrs) ult. 20 m not full shade any well drainedmale and female plants edible seed after 40 yrsAraucaria araucana
Arenaria montanaSandwortrockery perennial Caryophyllaceae whiteearly summernarrow, oblong, hairy grey mat 15 x 50 cm sunnywell-drainedmay die off in hard winterArenaria montana
Arisarum proboscideumMouse-tail plantherbaceous prernnialAraceaeItaly and Spainmaroon and white late spring, early summerglossy dark green15 x 30 cm partial shadefertile, moist Arisarum proboscideum
Artemisia 'Powis Castle'Wormwoodshrub Compositae insignificant silver grey, aromatic90 x 120 cmopen, sunnyfree-draining use as insect repellantArtemisia 'Powis Castle'
Arum italicum tuberous perennialAraceae greenish yellowspringdark green, white veins30 x 20 cm partial shadeany, moisture retentive  Arum italicum
Aster divaricatus herbaceous perennnialCompositae   August to Septemberdark green, wiry, nearly black stems60 x 30 cm full sunmost soils Aster divaricatus
Aster 'Little Pink Beauty' Michaelmas daisy, starwortherbaceous perennialCompositaeEurope, Asia, N.Americapink September and Octoberdark green sunnyfertile, well drained Aster 'Little Pink Beauty'
Astilbe simplicifolia 'Sprite' herbaceous perennial Saxifragaceae Japanpale shell-pinksummerdark green, purple30 x 25 cmsun (moist), part shade (dry) humus rich, moist  Astilbe simplicifolia 'Sprite'
Astrantia majorGreater masterwort herbaceous perennialUmbelliferaeEurope and Asiawhitish green and rosemid summermid green, toothed, 5-7 lobes60 x 45 cmsunny or partial shadehumus-richself-seeds readily, rabbits like itAstrantia major
Aucuba japonica 'Variegata'
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Spotted laurelevergreen shrubCornaceaeJapanpale purple (insignificant) early springglossy, green, yellow spots, toothed1.5 x 1.2 m (5 yrs) ult. 3 msun, deep shadeany, not waterloggedsun for good colour, male + femaleAucuba japonica 'Variegata'
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BergeniaElephant's ear, pigsqueaksemi-evergreen perennialSaxifragaceae pinklate spring dark green, purple tinged (winter) 40 x 60 cmsun, light shadeany Bergenia
Betula pendulaSilver birchdeciduous tree Betulaceaenativebrown catkinsspring green, toothed, yellow in autumn14 x 5 m (20 yrs) ult. 20 m sunprefer sandy, ph< 7  Betula pendula
Blechnum chilense  semi-evergreen perennial BlechnaceaeChile  glossy, dark green, ladder-like75cm x infinitepartial shade, woodlandacid, moisture-retentive, humus-rich Blechnum chilense
Brachyglottis Dunedin Group 'Sunshine' Shrubby Senecio evergreen shrubCompositae New Zealand yellowmid to late summersilvery grey-green, white felted under 1.5 x 2 m full sunwell drainedsyn. Senecio greyi 'Sunshine' Brachyglottis Dunedin Group 'Sunshine'
Buddleja davidiiButterfly bushsemi-evergreen shrub BuddleiaceaeE. Asiapurplemid summer to early autumn downy pale green3 x 3 mfull sunwell drainedprune hardBuddleja davidii
Buddleja globosaOrange ball treesemi-evergreen, shrubBuddleiaceae East AsiaorangeJuly dark, grey-green4m x 2.5 msunnyany, well drained Buddleja globosa
Buxus sempervirens
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Common boxevergreen shrub BuxaceaeNative of Britain  glossy, dark green120 x 75 cm (5 yrs)sun, partial shade any Buxus sempervirens
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Callistemon citrinusBottlebrush shrub Myrtaceae Australiabright crimsonearly to mid summergrey-green2 x 2 mfull sun, shelteredmoist well drained, acid Callistemon citrinus
Camassia quamashQuamashperennial, bulbLiliaceae North Americadeep bluelate springbright green40 cmsunnyhumus rich Camassia quamash
Campanula carpacticaBellflowerherbaceous perennial CampanulaceaeCarpathiansviolet bluemid to late summerdark green15 x 40 cmsunnymoist, free drainingrabbits like itCampanula carpactica
Campanula carpatica 'White Clips'  herbaceous perennialCampanulaceaewhite upturned bellssummer  20 x 30 cmsunnyhumus-rich, well drained  Campanula carpatica 'White Clips'
Campanula muralisBell flowerevergreen perennial CampanulaceaeBalkansdeep bluesummergreen, heart-shaped15 x 45 cmsunnywell drained  Campanula muralis
Campanula persicifoliaBellflower, harebellevergreen perennial CampanulaceaeEurope, W. Asiadeep blueJune to Augustdeep green, lanceolate90 x 50 cmsun, semi-shade well drained Campanula persicifolia
Campanula persicifolia 'Alba'Bellflower, harebell evergreen perennialCampanulaceaeEurope, W. AsiawhiteJune to Augustdeep green, lanceolate90 x 50 cmfull sun well drainededible flowers and leavesCampanula persicifolia 'Alba'
Campanula poscharskyana 'E H Frost'Bellflowerherbaceous perennialCampanulaceaeYugoslaviamilky-white, starry shaped summer to early autumnrounded pale green, toothed20 x 60 cm sun or partial shadewell-drainedground cover Campanula poscharskyana 'E H Frost'
Campanula takesimana herbaceous perennialCampanulaceaeJapan and Koreawhite, flushed lilac, spotted maroonsummerbright green, heart-shaped, basal rosettes60 x 50 cmsunnymoist, well drained Campanula takesimana
Carex breggrenii evergreen perennialCyperaceae    narrow, bronze15 x 15 cmsunnymoist   Carex breggrenii
Carex hachijoensis 'Evergold'Sedgeevergreen perennial GramineaeJapanbrownsummercream, edged green, arching30 x 45 cmsun, semi-shadeanyclump forming Carex hachijoensis 'Evergold'
Carex pendulaPendulous sedgeevergreen perennial grassGramineaeEurope greensummermid green, arching1 x 1.5 msemi-shadewell drainedself seeds freelyCarex pendula
Cautleya spicata herbaceous perennial ZingiberaceaeHimalayasyellow and orangelate summer, early aurumnglossy green, lance shaped60 x 100 cmsunny, sheltered fertile, free draining, moist Cautleya spicata
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens California lilac evergreen shrubRhamnaceae Central and North Americadeep bluelate spring, early summerglossy green 45 x 270 cm (5 yrs) sunnyfree drainingresent disturbanceCeanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens
Centaurea montanaKnapweed, cornflower herbaceous perennialCompositaeEuropebluelate spring, early summergrey-green50 x 60 cmsunnyfree draininginvasiveCentaurea montana
Centaurea montana 'Alba'Knapweed, cornflowerherbaceous perennialCompositaeEuropewhitesummerlight grey-green50 x 60 cmsunnyfree draininginvasive Centaurea montana 'Alba'
Centranthus ruberRed Valerianherbaceous perennial ValerianaceaeEurope and Mediterranean star-shaped crimson in paniclesearly summer to early autumngrey-green, fleshy, oval 60 x 60 cmsunnypoor, crevices in wall, leggy in fertile trim after first flowers, self seeds freelyCentranthus ruber
Chaenomeles japonicaJapanese quincedeciduous shrub RosaceaeChina and Japanredearly springmid green, oval, toothed60 x 100 cm (5 yrs) ult 1 x 2 msunnyany well drained  Chaenomeles japonica
Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'Mexican orange blossomevergreen shrub RutaceaeMexico, SW USAwhite mid spring onwards bright green, slender leaflets 60 x 60 cm (5 yrs) ult. 2 m sunny, shelteredany, well drained Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'
Choisya ternata 'Sundance' shrubRutaceae  whiteearly summerbright yellow1.8 x 2 msunny, shelteredwell drained Choisya ternata 'Sundance'
Claytonia virginica Spring beauty evergreen perennialPortulacaceae white or pink, dark pink stripesearly springsucculent, dk green spoon-shaped10 x 20 cm shadewell drained Claytonia virginica
Convallaria majalisLily of the valleyherbaceous perennial LiliaceaAsia, Europe and N.Americawhite mid and late springmid green, elliptical20 x 30 cmsunny, partial shademoist, humus richinvasiveConvallaria majalis
Coreopsis verticillataTickseedherbaceous perennial Compositae single yellowlate summer and autumnfinely divided, fern-like, bright greenfull sunwell-drained, fertile Coreopsis verticillata
Cornus albaDogwooddeciduous shrubCornaceae  whiteearly summerdark green, ovate2 x 2 m sunnyanyprune hard for red stemsCornus alba
Corokia x virgata evergreen shrubEscalloniaceae New Zealandstarry, yellowlate springgrey-green, felted2.4 x.1.8 msunny, shelteredgood drainage  Corokia x virgata
Corydalis flexuosa herbaceous perennial Papaveraceae pale bluespringferny, deep green25 x 30 cmsemi-shade humus-rich, well drained   Corydalis flexuosa
Cotoneaster horizontalis deciduous shrubRosaceae  pink buds, white flowersMay or Junedark green, glossy 60 x 180 cm full sun or partial shadeany, dry if in shade Cotoneaster horizontalis
Crinodendron hookerianumChilean lantern treeevergreen shrubElaeocarpaceaeS. Americacrimson, waxylate spring, early summershiny, dark green3 x 2 m (10 yrs) ult, 9 m partial shade, sheltered moist, well drained, lime-free  Crinodendron hookerianum
Crocosmia 'Lucifer' herbaceous perennial, corm Iridaceae flame redlate summer, early autumn mid green, strap-like110 x 40 cmsun, partial shade moist, well drainedremove faded flowers, flops overCrocosmia 'Lucifer'
Crocosmia x crocosmiifloraMontbretiaherbaceous perennial, cormIridaceae orange, orange-redlate summer, early autumnlight green, strap-like90 x 40 cmsun, partial shademoist, well drainedcan be invasiveCrocosmia x crocosmiiflora
Cymbalaria muralisIvy-leaved toadflaxevergreen perennial, creeperScrophulariaceaeS. and E. Europeviolet, yellow patch on lower lipspring to autumndark green, 3-5 lobes5 x 60 cm part or full shade moist but well drained seeds freelyCymbalaria muralis
Cynara cardunculus Cardoonherbaceous perennial CompositaeMediterranean and N. Africabluesummer silver-grey150 x 60 cmsunnywell-drained  Cynara cardunculus
Cytisus 'Lena'
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Broomevergreen shrub Leguminosae deep red with yellow wingslate spring dark green, trifoliate1.2 x 1.2 mfull sunwell-drained, not too rich Cytisus 'Lena'
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Daphne mezereum 'Alba' deciduous shrub ThymelaeaceaeEurope and Asiafragrant, creamy-whitelate winter, early springdull grey-green, oblong1.2 x 1.2 m sunny, dappled shademoist, free drainingavoid disturbance when establishedDaphne mezereum 'Alba'
Delphinium elatum 'Pacific Giants' herbaceous perennial Ranunculaceaenorthern temperate regionsblueJune and Julypale green, deeply divided160 x 45 cmfull sun fertile, well drainedslugs !!Delphinium elatum 'Pacific Giants'
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldschleier'Tufted hair grass, tussock grassherbaceous perennialGramineae gold early summergolden yellow, very fine45 x 30 cmsunny well-drained Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldschleier'
Deschampsia 'Tetra Gold'Tufted hair grass, tussock grass perennialGramineae   fine bright yellow20 x 20 cmsunnyany, well-drained Deschampsia 'Tetra Gold'
Dianella tasmanicaFlax lilyevergreen perennialPhormiaceaeAustralia and New Zealandviolet-blue, then violet-blue berriesmid summergreyish-green, sword-like 90 x 45 cmhalf-shadewell drained  Dianella tasmanica
Dianthus deltoides 'Flashing Light'Maiden pink mat-forming perennialCaryophyllaceaeBritainbrilliant cerise summerdeep green, narrow lance-shaped15 x 30 cm full sunwell drained Dianthus deltoides 'Flashing Light'
Dicentra spectabilisBleeding heart perennial Papaveraceae rose-red, white protrusionsMay to July bright green,fern-like60 x 45 cmsun,dappled shade, sheltered humus-rich, moist Dicentra spectabilis
Dierama dracomontanumAngel's fishing rods, wandflower herbaceous perennial, cormIridaceaeSouth Africa pinkmid to late summermid green, strap-like75 x 30 cmvery sunnyhumus-rich, free-drainingsyn. D. pumilum Dierama dracomontanum
Digitalis 'Excelsior Hybrids'Foxgloveherbaceous perennialScrophulariaceae pastel colours, purple spots summergrey-green, lanceolate75 x 30 cmsemi-shade well-drained, moisture retentive  Digitalis 'Excelsior Hybrids'
Diplarrhena moraeaButterfly irisevergreen perennial IridaceaeE. Australiawhite, iris-likesummerstiff, grass-like30 x 25 cmsun, shelteredwell drained Diplarrhena moraea
Doronicum caucasicum syn. D. orientale
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Leopard's bane evergreen herbaceous Compositae Europe and W. Asia yellow spring bright green, heart-shaped 45 x 45 cm sun or shade any deadhead regularly Doronicum caucasicum syn. D. orientale
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Eccremocarpus scaberChilean glory vinehalf-hardy climberBignoniaceae orangesummer, early autumn dark green, toothed3 x 1 msunny, shelteredlight, well drainedself clinging, regrow from rootEccremocarpus scaber
Echinacea purpureaConeflowerherbaceous perennial Compositae Eastern USAdark pink, brown centrelate summermid green75 x 45 cmsunnyfertile deadhead regularlyEchinacea purpurea
Elaeagnus x ebbingei evergreen shrubElaeagnaceae S Europe and Asiasmall, fragrantmid autumn to springglossy, dark green, silvery undersides1 x 1 m (5yr) ult 3mfull sun to full shadewell-drained, fertilegood shelter plant Elaeagnus x ebbingei
Embothrium coccineumChilean fire bushevergreen shrub, sml. treeProteaceaeSouth Americabrilliant scarlet late spring, early summerdark green, leathery120 x 100 cm (5yrs) ult 9 msunny, shelteredlime-free, moist, free draining  Embothrium coccineum
EpimediumBishops hatherbaceous perennial BerberidaceaeEurope and Asiayellowspring red/bronze turning green30 x 40 cmfull or partial shade moist humus rich, free drainingtrim foliage in late winter Epimedium
Eremuris x isabellinus 'Ruiter Hybrids'Foxtail lily herbaceous perennialLiliaceaeW. Asiayellow spires late spring, early summergrey-green, fleshy, strap-like200 x 75 cm full sunwell drainedexpose crown, mulch from frost Eremuris x isabellinus 'Ruiter Hybrids'
Erigeron 'Rosa Juwel'Fleabaneevergreen perennial Compositae pale lilac, yellow centresearly to late summer mid green, spatulate60 x 45 cm sunny well drained, humus-rich Erigeron 'Rosa Juwel'
Eryngium agavifolium half hardy evergreen perennial Umbelliferae greenish-whitesummerdeep green, sword-shaped,toothed120 x 75 cmsunny, shelteredany, well drained  Eryngium agavifolium
Eryngium planumSea hollyhardy perennial Umbelliferae bluesummerdeep green, leathery75 x 45 cmsunnyany well drained  Eryngium planum
Eryngium variifolium evergreen hardy perennial Umbelliferae silver-bluesummerdeep green, marbled white, jagged50 x 25 cmsunnyany, well drained Eryngium variifolium
Erysimum 'Moonlight'Wallflowerevergreen perennial CruciferaeEurope and Asiabright yellowlate spring to mid summermid green, narrow oval10 x 30 cmsunny, shelteredwell drained, poorshort lived, poor soil - better flowers Erysimum 'Moonlight'
Eucalyptus gunniiCider gumevergreen tree Myrtaceae Australia  juvenile round blue-green adu. green 15 x 6 mfull sunmoist, well drained  Eucalyptus gunnii
Eucomis bicolorPineapple lily perennial bulb HyacinthaceaeSouth Africagreenish, purple-tingedlate summerbright green, strap-like, rosette45 cmsunny well-drained, richtenderEucomis bicolor
Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety' Spindle treeevergreen shrubCelastraceaeEurope and Asia  deep green, white edge1 x 1.5 msunnywell drainedclimbs if supportedEuonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety'
Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n' Gold'Spindle treeevergreen shrub, ground coverCelastraceaeEurope and Asia   glossy dark green, yellow edges100 x 150 cmsun, semi-shade any, well drainedcan use as a climberEuonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n' Gold'
Euphorbia amygdaloides ssp. 'purpurea'Wood spurgeevergreen perennialEuphorbiaceae pale yellowApril to Junepurple45x45cmsunnywelldrained Euphorbia amygdaloides ssp. 'purpurea'
Euphorbia amygdaloides ssp. robbiaeWood spurgeevergreen perennialEuphorbiaceaeall partspale lime-green April to Junedark green60 x 45 cmsun, prefers shade any fertile soilinvasiveEuphorbia amygdaloides ssp. robbiae
Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfeniiSpurgeevergreen herbaceous Euphorbiaceae  yellowlate spring blue-green120 x 120 cmfull sun, dappled shadewell drained Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii
Euphorbia dulcis 'Chameleon'Spurgehrebaceous perennialEuphorbiaceae dark purple bractsmid springdark purple, oblanceolate60 x 60 cmsun or shadeany, well drained Euphorbia dulcis 'Chameleon'
Euphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow'Spurgeherbaceous evergreenEuphorbiaceae bright redlate springflushed red, fading to dark green75 x 75 cm semi-shademoist, humus richbog plantEuphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow'
Euphorbia wuflenii 'Lambrook Gold'
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Spurgeevergreen perennialEuphorbiaceae rich, golden khaki bracts springblue green, narrow1.2 x 1.5 msun or partial shadeany, well-drainedcut out flowered stems,late autumn Euphorbia wuflenii 'Lambrook Gold'
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Fasicularia bicolor half-hardy perennial BromeliaceaeSouthern Chile pale blue and red dark green, red central, spiny60 x 60 cmsunny, shelteredwell drained Fasicularia bicolor
Fatsia japonicaFalse castor-oil plant shrub, houseplantAraliaceaeJapancreamy white autumn glossy dark green, lobed4.5 x 4.5 m ultimately sun, partial shade, shelteredwell drained, humus rich  Fatsia japonica
Festuca glaucaBlue grassevergreen perennial Gramineae   blue-grey, needle-like20 x 25 cm anyclump formingFestuca glauca
Filipendula ulmaria 'Rosea'Golden meadow-sweetherbaceous perennialRosaceae soft pinkmid summer golden leaflets, reddish stalks100 x 60 cmsun, semi-shade moist, boggy margins Filipendula ulmaria 'Rosea'
Francoa appendiculata Maiden's wreath, Bridal wreath evergreen perennialSaxifragaceaeChilepale pink, spotted deep pink at basesummer to early autumndark green soft hairy, deep-lobed, crinkled75 x 35 cm sun or light shadewell-drained, moisture-retentive Francoa appendiculata
Fritillaria imperialis Crown imperial perennial, bulbLiliaceae yellowApril, Maypale green60 cmopen, sunnywell drained, rich loam Fritillaria imperialis
Fritillaria meleagrisSnakes head fritillaryperennial, bulbLiliaceae chequered pinkish-purpleApril, Maygrey-green, grass-like25 cmsunny, light shadewell drained Fritillaria meleagris
Fuchsia magellanica
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Ladies' eardropsdeciduous shrubOnagraceaeSouth Americaredearly summer to autumn mid green, pointed, oval1.5 x 1.5 msun, partial shadeany, well drainededible fruit of varieble palatabilityFuchsia magellanica
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Galanthus nivalisSnowdrop perennial bulb Amaryllidaceae Europe, Turkey and Iranwhite, inner petals sgl. green marklate wintergrey-green strap-like15 cmdappled shade in summerwell drained, humus-rich  Galanthus nivalis
Galega x hartlandiiGoat's rue, French lilacherbaceous perennialLeguminosaeS Europe, Asia Minor, E Africawhitesummersoft green oval leaflets1.5 x 1 msun or light shadewell drained but moistfloppy, grow through shrubsGalega x hartlandii
Gentian ternifolia 'Dali'Asiatic gentian  GentianaceaeSW Chinamid sky blueautumnmat of grey-green linear leaves6 x 20 cmsome shade if dry moisture retentive, acid Gentian ternifolia 'Dali'
Gentiana sino-ornataAutumn gentianherbaceous perennialGentianaceaeS W Chinablue, dark blue and white stripesautumn pale green, long, pointed8 x 30 cm partial shadehumus-rich, acid, moisture retentive  Gentiana sino-ornata
Geranium endressiiCranesbillsemi-evergreen perennial GeraniaceaeS. Europepinklate spring to autumnmid green, jaggedly-divided45 x 45 cm sun or shadeany trim in summer for more flowersGeranium endressii
Geranium 'Johnson's BlueCranesbillherbaceous perennialGeraniaceaeEuropedeep blueMay to Julyfinely cut, mid green30 x 30 cmsun, semi-shade any Geranium 'Johnson's Blue
Geranium macrorrhizumCranesbillherbaceous perennial GeraniaceaeEuropemagentalate spring, early summer evergreen aromatic25 x 60 cmsun or shade any Geranium macrorrhizum
Geranium maderenseCranesbillhalf-hardy perennial GeraniaceaeMadeirapurplish-pink,crimson centre summershiny green, ferny1.5 x 1.5 msunny, shelteredfree draining tenderGeranium maderense
Geranium renardii alpineGeraniaceae Caucasusoff-white, violet veinsmid summergrey-green, scalloped, soft texture30 x 25 cmsunnywell drained Geranium renardii
Geranium sanguiniumBloody cranesbillherbaceous perennialGeraniaceae bright purplelate spring to late summerdark green, deeply divided25 x 40 cmsunny well drained Geranium sanguinium
Geranium sylvaticum album herbaceous perennial GeraniaceaeEurope pure white, green centresearly summer fresh green, deeply divided30-70 x 40 cm tolerates shadeanycut back after floweringGeranium sylvaticum album
Geranium x magnificumCranesbillherbaceous perennial Geraniaceae violet-blueearly summerdark green, hairy, deeply lobed45 x 60 cm sunnywell drained Geranium x magnificum
Griselinia littoralis evergreen shrub GriseliniaceaeNew Zealand, China, Brazil  glossy green, oval1.5 x 1.2 m (5 yrs) ult. 10 msun, shade, shelteredmost soils Griselinia littoralis
Gunnera manicata
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Giant rhubarb waterside perennial Gunneraceae greenish red (small)late springgreen, prickly2 x 2.5 msun, semi-shadewet, humus rich cover crown in winterGunnera manicata
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Hebe ochracea evergreen shrubScrophulariaceae New Zealandwhitelate springochre, scale-like 60 x 60 cmfull sunwell drained  Hebe ochracea
Hebe salicifolia evergreen shrub ScrophulariaceaeNew Zealandwhitesummerpale green, long, narrow2.5 x 2.5 mfull sunwell drained Hebe salicifolia
Hedera helix 'Gold Heart'Ivyevergreen climber Araliaceae   dark green, central gold splash 3.5 x 3.5 m (10 yrs)sun or shadeany, not too dry  Hedera helix 'Gold Heart'
Helleborus corsicus evergreen perennialRanunculaceae pale green late winter, early spring bluish green60 x 60 cm  most Helleborus corsicus
Helleborus foetidusStinking hellebore hardy evergreenRanunculaceaeEurope and Asia green edged with purple early springdark green filigree75 x 60 cm shade, partial shadehumus rich, moistresent disturbance Helleborus foetidus
Helleborus orientalisLenten roseevergreen perennial RanunculaceaeEurope and Asiawhitelate winter dark green, divided15 x 25 cmshade, partial shademoist, humus-richresent disturbanceHelleborus orientalis
Hemerocallis 'Sammy Russell'Day lilyhardy perennial HemerocallidaceaeChina, Japan & Koreadark red summerlight green, semi-evergreen70 x 45 cmsun, partial shadeany fertile, not too dry Hemerocallis 'Sammy Russell'
Heuchera 'Bressingham Hybrids'Coral flower, alum root evergreen perennialSaxifragaceaeNorth Americapink sprays about 15 cm longearly summerrounded, bright green, purple-tinge45 x 30 cmsun or light shadefertile, moist  Heuchera 'Bressingham Hybrids'
Heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple'Alum root, coral bells evergreen perennialSaxifragaceaeNorth America creamy-whiteearly to mid summercoppery purple, metallic sheen45 x 30 cmsun, semi-shadeany fertile, fairly moist  Heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple'
Heuchera pilosissima            Heuchera pilosissima
Heuchera sanguineaAlum root, coral flowerevergreen perennialSaxifragaceaeNorth Americabright redMay to Julydark green,marbled silver60 x 30 cmsun, semi-shadelight, well drained Heuchera sanguinea
Heucherella 'Silver Streak' evergreen perennial Saxifragaceae lavender pinklate spring to summer pale purple overlaid with silver40 x 30 cmsun or partial shadewell drained, moisture retentive Heucherella 'Silver Streak'
Hoheria lyalliiLacebarkdeciduous tree MalvaceaeNew Zealand         Hoheria lyallii
Hosta fortunei var. aureomarginata Plantain lilyhardy herbaceous perennialHostaceaeChina, Japan and Korea lavenderearly to mid summergrey-green, yellow margin45 x 90 cmunexposed, semi-shademoist, rich loamslugs !! Hosta fortunei var. aureomarginata
Hosta montanaPlantain lilyherbaceous perennialHostaceae Japan, China and Koreanear-white, lavender tints mid summer mid green45 x 45 cmpartial shadeslightly acid, humus-rich, moistslugs !!Hosta montana
Hyacinthoides hispanicaSpanish bluebellsperennial, bulbHyacinthaceaeS. Europe and N. Africaviolet blue, whitelate springbright green30 cmpartial shademoistinvasiveHyacinthoides hispanica
Hyacinthoides non-scriptaBluebellsperennial bulb HyacinthaceaeW. Europeviolet-bluelate spring green, glossy40 x 30 cmpartial shade moist  Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris
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 decidouos climberHydrangeaceaeEast Asiacream and white lacecapearly and mid summeroval serrated, dark green, paler below 2 x 1 m (5 yrs) ult. 3.5 mpart or full shade moisture retentive, well-rotted manurenot south facing, self clinging Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris
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Inula hookeri herbaceous perennialCompositaeAsia, Caucasia and Europebright, pale yellow ray florets late summer oval hairy,pale green75 x 60 cmfull sunany reasonablespreads rapidlyInula hookeri
Ipheion uniflorumSpring starflowerperennial bulb AlliaceaeSouth Americawhitespringbright green, strap-like15 x 15 cmsun, partial shadewell drained best undisturbedIpheion uniflorum
Iris siberica hardy perennialIridaceae Europe blue-light bluemid green75 x 30 cm full sunmoist, not waterlogged, acidIris siberica
Juncus effusus 'Spiralis'Corkscrew rushevergreen perennialGramineaebrownsummergreen, cylindrical 30 x 60 cm sunmoist Juncus effusus 'Spiralis'
Kalmia augustifoliaSheeps laurelevergreen shrub EricaceaeN. America and Cubapinkearly summer greyish-green, oval1.2 x 1.2 msun, partial shadelime-free, moisture retentiveKalmia augustifolia
Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'Jew's mallow>evergreen shrubRosaceaeChina and Japan golden yellowmid or late springdull green, finely toothed2 x 1 msunny, semi-shadeall, well drainedKerria japonica 'Pleniflora'
Knautia macedonicahardy perennialDipsacaceae Balkanslilac, pincushion-like mid to late summer mid green, pinate, oval at top 50 x 45 cm sunny well drained, likes chalk Knautia macedonica
Kniphofia 'Alcazar'Red-hot poker, torch lilyevergreen perennialAsphodelaceaeE. and S. Africabright red July to Septembermid green, strap-like100 x 60 cmfull sun well drained, not too richKniphofia 'Alcazar'
Kniphofia 'Percy's Pride'
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herbaceous perennial AsphodelaceaeS Africagreen suffused with yellowlate summergrass-like clump80 x 45 cmsunnywell drained, not too richKniphofia 'Percy's Pride'
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Lamium galeobdolonVariegated archangelsemi-evergreen perennialLabiataeyellowearly summermid green, silver markings40 x 100 cmsun or partial shade well drainedground cover, very invasive Lamium galeobdolon
Laurus nobilis Bay treeevergreen shrubLauraceae Mediterraneanpale yellowearly summerglossy dark green2.5 x 1.5 msunny, shelterdfertile Laurus nobilis
Lavatera 'Barnsley'Tree mallowsemi-evergreen shrub Malvaceaewhite with red eyemid summer to first frosts grey-green, downy2 x 2 mfull sunwell drained Lavatera 'Barnsley'
Lavatera 'Candy Floss'Tree mallowsemi-evergreen shrubMalvaceaepale pinkmid summer to first frostsgrey-green, downy1.5 x 1.5 mfull sunwell drainedLavatera 'Candy Floss'
Leontopodium alpinumEdelweissherbaceous perennial CompositaeAlps and Asian mountainsrounded no petals, wooly bractsearly summergrey-green, wooly, narrow oblong20 x 20 cmfull sunwell-drained, alkalinedivide every 3-4 yrs in springLeontopodium alpinum
Leucanthemum x suberbum 'Silver Princess'Shasta daisy herbaceous perennialCompositaelarge white daisy, yellow eyeJune to Augustdark green, lobed, toothed90 x 60 cm full sun,any well drained, not too aciddivide every 2-3 yrs, mulch in MayLeucanthemum x suberbum 'Silver Princess'
Leucanthemum x superbum 'Esther Read'Shasta daisyherbaceous perennialCompositaelge. white dbl. daisy, yellow eyeJune to Augustdark green, lobed, toothed90 x 60 cm full sunany well drained, not too aciddivide every 2-3 yrs, mulch in MayLeucanthemum x superbum 'Esther Read'
Leycesteria formosaHimalayan honeysuckledeciduous shrubCaprifoliaceaeChina and Himalayaswhite, claret-coloured bractsearly summer to early autumnslender, oval, dark green 2 x 2 mfull sunrich soilfrost may cut down Leycesteria formosa
Liatris spicataGay feather, blazing starherbaceous perennialCompositaeN. Americamauve spikessummer bright green, grass-like100 x 30 cmfull sun well-draineddeadhead regularlyLiatris spicata
Libertia grandifloraevergreen perennialIridaceae S. Americawhiteearly to mid summergreen sword-shaped80 x 50 cmsun, semi-shadelight, well drained Libertia grandiflora
Ligularia dentata 'Othello'Leopard plantperennial Compositaevivid orangelate summer, early autumn purplish green, heart-shaped, leathery90 x 60 cmpartial shade moisture retentivemarginalLigularia dentata 'Othello'
Ligularia stenocephala 'The Rocket'Leopard plantherbaceous perennialCompositaeyellow spikessummer dark green, purple stems and veins150 x 120 cmdappled shade, shelteredmoist, humus richLigularia stenocephala 'The Rocket'
Lilium longiflorumEaster lilyhalf hardy perennial, bulbLiliaceaewhitelate spring, early summer dark greensunnywell drained Lilium longiflorum
Linaria purpureaToadflaxsemi-evergreen perennial Scrophulariaceaerich purple,long slender spikessummer to early autumnnarrow mid to grey-green90 x 60 cmopen, sunny well-drainedLinaria purpurea
Liriope muscariLily turfevergreen perennial LiliaceaeChina, Japan, Taiwandark mauve, small on spikes late summer to autumndark green, strap-like30 x 45 cmfull sunwell drained, humus-richground coverLiriope muscari
Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue'evergreen shrub BoraginaceaeS.W. Europeazure bluelate spring, early summerdark green, bristly30 x 50 cmsunny, sheltered moist but well drained, acidavoid root disturbanceLithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue'
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal flowerherbaceous perennialCampanulaceaeN. Americascarlet spikesmid summer to autumnpurple- bronze leaves and stems75 x 25 cm sun, partial shade, shelteredmoist but free drainingcut back after flowering, slugs !Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia siphiliticaBlue Cardinal Flowerherbaceous perennialCampanulaceaeblue spikesmid summer to early autumnlight green, lance-shaped60cm x 30cmsun or partial shadewell-drained, moisture-retentivedivide every other yearLobelia siphilitica
Lonicera nitidabox-leaved honeysuckleevergreen shrub Caprifoliaceaesmall dark green shiny1.5 x 2 m (5 yrs) ult 2.5 m h.anyany, not waterloggedvigorous hedgeLonicera nitida
Lonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold'evergreen shrub Caprifoliaceaesmall golden, (greenish in winter) 1.5 x 2 m (5 yrs)anyanyLonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold'
Lonicera periclymenum 'Serotina'Late Dutch honeysuckle deciduous climbing shrubCaprifoliaceaepurple,red and whitemid summer to early autumnbronze-tinted2 x 2 m partial shadeanyLonicera periclymenum 'Serotina'
Lupinus arboreusTree lupinevergreen shrub Leguminosaepale yellow spikesearly to late summerpale green1.5 x 1.5 msunny, shelteredfree-draining, not richshort lived, grow seed or cuttings Lupinus arboreus
Lysichiton americanusYellow skunk cabbageherbaceous perennialAraceaewest coast N. Americayellow spathe springbright green then darken, ribbed1.2 x 1.5 mfull sun or partial shadehumus-rich, wet or boggydeep rootedLysichiton americanus
Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker'Loosestrifeherbaceous perennialPrimulaceaeyellow, star-shapedmid to late summerlarge, ovate dark purple tinge120 x 45 cmsun or partial shademoisture-retentivespreads easilyLysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker'
Lysimachia punctata
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Loosestrifeherbaceous perennial PrimulaceaeN. Americabright yellowsummer mid-green, (juv. bronze tinted)60 x 75 cmprefers sun moisture-retentivepond marginalLysimachia punctata
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Macleaya cordataPlume poppyherbaceous perennial PapaveraceaeChinacreamy-white plumes mid summer rounded, serrated lobes, grey - green150 x 60 cmsundeep, moist, well drainedspreads by rhizomesMacleaya cordata
Mahonia aquifoliumOregon grapeevergreen shrub BerberidaceaeCentral and North Americagolden yellowlate winter, early springglossy, dark green, 5-9 leaflets100 x 60 cm (5yrs) ult. 1.8 msun, partial shadeanyedible fruit Mahonia aquifolium
Meconopsis betonicifolia 'Bailey'Himalayan poppyperennial PapaveraceaeHimalayas, W. Chinabright, sky-bluelate summer oblong, hairy, mid green100 x 30 cmlight shadelime-free,humus rich, well drained Meconopsis betonicifolia 'Bailey'
Meconopsis cambricaWelsh poppyhardy perennial PapaveraceaeEuropeyellow spring to mid autumn pale green, disected45 x 30 cmanyanyseeds freely Meconopsis cambrica
Melissa officinalisLemon balm herbaceous perennial LabiataeEuropewhite whorls on spikes mid summer to early autumn aromatic, tooth-edged, dark green60 x 45 cm sunny, partial shadedry Melissa officinalis
Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus' Zebra grassherbaceous perennialGramineaewhiteautumnmid green, cream cross-banding120 x 45 cmsunwell drained clump formingMiscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus'
Monadra 'Squaw'Bergamotherbaceous perennial LabiataeN. Americavermillion summer bright green, aromatic120 x 40 cmpart shadeprefers moist Monadra 'Squaw'
Myrtus communis
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Myrtle evergreen shrubMyrtaceaeMediterranean, N. Africawhite, long stamens, fragrantJune to Septembersessile, oval, pointed, dark green3m x 2msunnywell-drainedMyrtus communis
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Nepeta racemosa syn. N. mussiniiCatnipherbaceous perennialLabiataeEurope, N. Africa and Asia violet-bluesummer grey-green, hairy, aromatic30 x 60 cm full sunany well draineddeadhead, clip after flowering Nepeta racemosa syn. N. mussinii
Nerine bowdeniiperennial, bulb AmaryllidaceaeSouthern Africapinkautumn mid green, strap-shaped45 cmfull sun, not frost trapfree-draining Nerine bowdenii
Olearia macrodontaDaisy bushevergreen shrub CompositaeAustralia, New Zealandwhite daisyearly summergrey-green, leathery, toothed1 x 1 m (5 yrs) ult. 6 m sunnyany well drainedOlearia macrodonta
Oenothera tetragona 'Longest Day'Evening primroseherbaceous perennial red bud, golden yellow flowersJune to July40 x 25 cmfull sunany well drainedOenothera tetragona 'Longest Day'
Omphaloides cappadocica 'Starry Eyes'Navelwortevergreen perennialBoraginaceaeAsia Minorblue, white margins springoval, green25 x 40 cmpartial or full shade moist, humus-richOmphaloides cappadocica 'Starry Eyes'
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'evergreen perennialConvallariaceaewhitelate summer purple-black, grass-like25 x 30 cmsun or partial shade well-drainedOphiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'
Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Goshiki'evergreen shrubholly-like, dark green spotted yellow 2 x 2 m sunnyOsmanthus heterophyllus 'Goshiki'
Osteospermum prostratum 'Weetwood'semi-woody perennialCompositaeSouth Africawhite, mauve below,yel. centresummersoft green, aromatic60 x 60 cmfull sun well drainedOsteospermum prostratum 'Weetwood'
Oxalis adenophylla
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Silver shamrock perennial, alpine Oxidaceae pink-white early summer grey-green10 x 15 cmfull sunwell drained, gritty and peatyOxalis adenophylla
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Pachysandra terminalisevergreen sub-shrub BuxaceaeE. Asiawhiteearly springdeep green, leathery, toothed 20 x 40 cm partial or full shade moist, well drained, humus richground coverPachysandra terminalis
Paeonia officinalis 'Rubra Plena'Paeony roseherbaceous perennialPaeoniaceaeCrimsonlate spring, early summer bright green, oblong leaflets60 x 60 cmfull sunfertile, well drainedPaeonia officinalis 'Rubra Plena'
Papaver orientalis Oriental poppyherbaceous perennialPapaveraceaedeep redearly summer bristly, deep green, deeply divided30 x 90 cm sun, semi-shademoist, well drainedPapaver orientalis
Parthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia creeperdeciduous climberVitaceaeN. Americagreenishlate spring, early summer matt green, crimson in autumn4.5 x 3 many humus rich, free drainingself clingingParthenocissus quinquefolia
Penstemon 'Blackbird'Beard-tongue semi-evergreen perennialScrophulariaceaeN and Central Americadark maroon, nearly blacksummerdark green with a maroon tinge60 x 25 cm full sunwell-draineddead-head regularlyPenstemon 'Blackbird'
Penstemon 'Firebird' ( 'Schoenholzeri' )Beard-tongue evergreen perennialScrophulariaceaeN and Central America pink-red, compact spikessummerlight green60 x 25 cm full sunwell-drainedhardy, dead-head regularlyPenstemon 'Firebird' ( 'Schoenholzeri' )
Persicaria affinis Knotweedherbaceous perennial PolygonaceaeHimalayaspinklate summerdark green, elliptic, bronze later60 x 60 cmfull sun, partial shademoist, free draining ground coverPersicaria affinis
Petasites hybridus 'Albus'Butterburherbaceous perennial N EuropewhiteMarch to May heart-shaped, toothed, grey undersides moisture-retentivemale and female plants (dioecious)Petasites hybridus 'Albus'
Phalaris arundinaceaGardener's gartersherbaceous perennialGramineaeEurope, Asia, N. Americawhite summergreen, white-striped100 x 100 cmsun, semi-shade prefers wetinvasive, rhizomatous Phalaris arundinacea
Phlomis fruticosaJerusalem sageevergreen shrub Labiataebright yellowearly to mid summerdull green, pointed oval100 x 100 cmsunny, open well drained cold wet winter may killPhlomis fruticosa
Phlox douglasii 'Crackerjack'Alpine phloxevergreen perennialPolemoniaceaeN. America deep magenta early summerdark green, needle-like10 x 30 cmfull sunwell drainedPhlox douglasii 'Crackerjack'
Phlox paniculataherbaceous perennial PolemoniaceaeNorth Americacerisemid to late summer mid green75 x 45 cmsun, partial shademoisture-retentive Phlox paniculata
Phlox paniculata 'Border Gem'herbaceous perennial PolemoniaceaeN. Americamauve-bluemid to late summer glossy, mid green, lance-shaped80 x 90 cmsun or partial shadewell-drained, moist, humus-richPhlox paniculata 'Border Gem'
Phlox paniculata 'Graf Zeppelin'herbaceous perennial PolemoniaceaeN. Americawhite with red eyemid to late summerglossy oval bright green80 x 90 cmsun or partial shadewell-drained, moist, humus-richPhlox paniculata 'Graf Zeppelin'
Phormium tenax 'Pink Stripe'perennial Agavaceaemid to late summer purple, pink edges 3 x 1 manyany, moist in summer Phormium tenax 'Pink Stripe'
Phormium tenax 'Yellow Wave'New Zealand flaxevergreen perennialAgavaceaemid to late summer pale green3 x 1 many, moist in summer Phormium tenax 'Yellow Wave'
Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'evergreen shrub RosaceaeAsiared juv.,turn glossy green, ovate 1.5 x 2 m (5 yrs) ult. 4 mshelteredfertile, well drained wind may break limbsPhotinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'
Pilosella aurantiacaFox-and-cubsevergreen perennial Compositae Europe tawny-orangesummer and autumn dark green, hairy, oblong forms mat45 x 30 cm sunnymostspreads by runners and seedsPilosella aurantiaca
Platycodon grandiflorusBaloon flowerherbaceous perennialCampanulaceapinksummerbluish green, ovate or lance-shaped35 x 25 cmsun or partial shade well-drained, moisture-retentivePlatycodon grandiflorus
Platycodon grandiflorus maresiiBaloon flowerherbaceous perennialCampanulaceadark blue summerbluish green, ovate or lance-shaped35 x 25 cmsun or partial shadewell-drained, moisture-retentive Platycodon grandiflorus maresii
Polemonium caeruleaJacob's ladder herbaceous perennialPolemoniaceaelavender-blue, deep yellow stamens early summerbasal rosettes, ladder-like leaflet pairs 60 x 60 cmsunny, partial shadeany, preferably moistseed freely, short-lived, dead-headPolemonium caerulea
Potentilla aureaherbaceous perennialRosaceae yellowMay to Julysoft green, 3, toothed leaflets 8 x 20 cmsunny, partial shade well-drainedPotentilla aurea
Potentilla 'Gibson's Scarlet'Cinquefoilevergreen perennialRosaceaebright scarletJune to Septembersoft green, toothed leaflets45 x 60 cm sunnywell drainedPotentilla 'Gibson's Scarlet'
Potentilla megalantthaherbaceous perennial Rosaceaerich yellowsummerglossy mid green, 3 leaflets30 x 60 cm sunnymoderately fertile, well drainedmulch in springPotentilla megalanttha
Potentilla napalensis 'Miss Willmot'Cinquefoilevergreen perennialRosaceaerose-pink, dark centreJune to September5 toothed leaflets45 x 60cm sunnywell drainedPotentilla napalensis 'Miss Willmot'
Potentilla recta 'Warrenii'Cinquefoil herbaceous perennialRosaceaebright yellowJune to September5-7 shiny green palmate leaflets 50 x 60 cmsunny fertile, well drainedPotentilla recta 'Warrenii'
Primula bulleyanaCandelabra primulamarginal perennialPrimulaceae deep yellowlate springsemi-evergreen, purple midrib50 x 20 cm full sun, shademoisture retentive, humus richPrimula bulleyana
Primula denticulataDrumstick Primroseherbaceous perennial PrimulaceaeE Asiapinkspring to early summerslightly hairy, bright green40cm x 20cmsun or partial shademoisture-retentivePrimula denticulata
Primula japonica 'Postford White'Candelabra Primula evergreen perennialPrimulaceaewhite with red eye early summeroval, toothed, coarse, pale green45cm x 45cm full sun or partial shademoisture retentive Primula japonica 'Postford White'
Prunus laurocerasusCherry laurelevergreen shrub Rosaceaewhite spikesmid springglossy mid green3 x 2 m (10 yrs) ult. 6 m sun or shademost, not chalkyPrunus laurocerasus
Prunus lusitanicaPortugese laurel evergreen shrub Rosaceaewhite, long spikesearly to mid summer glossy green, ovate, red stalks2.7 x 2 m (10 yrs ult 6m) sun or partial shade well-drained moisture retentive informal hedgingPrunus lusitanica
Pulmonaria officinalisLungwortevergreen perennialBoraginaceaeEurope and Asiapink bud turning violet-blue April to Maygrey- green, paler spots30 x 45 cm partial or full shadehumus-rich, reasonably moist Pulmonaria officinalis
Pulmonaria officinalis 'Sissinghurst White'Lungwort evergreen perennialBoraginaceaeEurope and Asia whiteMarch, Aprilmid green, spotted silver20 x 45 cmpartial, full shademoist, humus richPulmonaria officinalis 'Sissinghurst White'
Pulmonaria saccharata 'Mrs Moon'Bethlehem sageherbaceous perennialBoraginaceaeEurope and Asiapink buds, then red springmid green, pale green spots30 x 60 cm shadyany humus-richtrim leaves in autumnPulmonaria saccharata 'Mrs Moon'
Pulsatilla vulgaris
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Pasqueflowerherbaceous perennial RanunculaceaeEngland, France, cent. Euro. pale purplespring pale green, finely cut20 x 20 cm full sunfree draining, neutral to alkalineremove dead leaves in autumn Pulsatilla vulgaris
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Rheum palmatumOrnamental rhubarbherbaceous perennialsmall red on tall spikessummerlarge, hairy, deeply lobed, mid green, reddish stems1.5m x 2mfull sun or partial shadehumus-rich, moist to boggyremove flowers for better leavesRheum palmatum
Rhodiola roseaRose rootherbaceous perennial CrassulaceaeBritain and Arctic regionspale yellow early and mid summer glaucous green, succulent30 x 30 cmsunny well drainedwet soil rots rootstockRhodiola rosea
Rhodohypoxis baurii 'Apple Blossom'dwarf corm-like bulb HypoxidaceaeSE Africacreamy whitespring to summer hairy, dull green grassy10 x 5 cmfull sun moisture retentive, acidprotect from winter wetRhodohypoxis baurii 'Apple Blossom'
Rhus typhinaStag's-horn sumacdeciduous tree Anacardiaceaefurry crimson fruitautumnmid-green leaflets, good autumn colours3.5 x 5 m (10 yrs) ult. 8 mfull sun, shelteredwell drainedprone to suckeringRhus typhina
Ribes sanguiniumFlowering currantdeciduous shrub Grossulariaceaewestern N. Americarosy-redmid spring lobed green1.2 x 1.2 m (5 yrs) ult. 2 manyany Ribes sanguinium
Rodgersia pinnata herbaceous perennial SaxifragaceaeChina, Japan and Koreawhite plumesmid summer deep green, crinkled1 x 1 mshaded, sheltered humus rich, moist Rodgersia pinnata
Rogersia podophyllaherbaceous perennial SaxifragaceaeChina, Japan and Koreacreamy white plumes mid summeremerge bronze going green100 x 120 cm sheltered, shadedmoist, humus-richmulch in spring Rogersia podophylla
Rosmarinus officinalisRosemaryevergreen LabiataeMediterraneanmauve and dark blue mid spring to early summerneedle-like, dark green, white felted below 75 x 75 cm (5 yrs) ult 1.5msunny well-drainedtrim regularly Rosmarinus officinalis
Rubus lineatusevergreen shrub Rosaceaewhitesummerfive leaflets, pointed 2 x 2 m sun or shadeany, well drainedsuckersRubus lineatus
Rudbeckia fulgidaConeflowerherbaceous perennial Compositae N. Americayellow, black centrelate summer to early autumnmid green, lance-shaped60 x 45 cm sunny fertile, moisture-retentiveRudbeckia fulgida
Rumex hydblapathum
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herbaceous perennialupright lanceolatemoisture retentivemarginal Rumex hydblapathum
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Salvia concolorherbaceous perennial Labiataetender Salvia concolor
Salvia fulgens ( S. cardinalis )herbaceous perennial LabiataeMexicoscarlet, long branching spikes end of summer bright green, long oval, hairy underneath120 x 75 cm full sunwell-drainedhalf hardy, take cuttingsSalvia fulgens ( S. cardinalis )
Sambucus nigra 'Aureomarginata'Elderdeciduous shrub CaprifoliaceaeEuropewhiteearly summerdark green leaflets, yellow edge4 x 2 msunny well drained coppice every 2-3 yearsSambucus nigra 'Aureomarginata'
Sanguisorba obtusaBurnethardy perennial Rosaceaerose-pinkmid summer to early autumn grey-green, 13-17 rounded leaflets60 x 40 cmsun or light shadeany, moistSanguisorba obtusa
Santolina chamaecyparissus Cotton lavenderevergreen, shrubCompositaeyellowmid summer silvery, fine60 x 60 cmfull sunwell drainedtrim regularlySantolina chamaecyparissus
Saxifraga cuneifoliaSpoon-leafed saxifrage perennialSaxifragaceaewhite, + yel., pink or red spotsearly summerdark green rosettes15 x 30 cm shade, partial shademoistavoid midday sunSaxifraga cuneifolia
Saxifraga fortuneisemi-evergreen perennial Saxifragaceaewhiteautumnglossy, bright green ,mature bronze30 x 30 cmshadelime-free, woodland conditionssevere winter may killSaxifraga fortunei
Saxifraga spathularisSt Patrick's cabbageevergreen perennialSaxifragaceaewhite clusterssummerglossy dark green rosettes, toothed 25cm x infinitesun or shadewell-drained, moisture retentive Saxifraga spathularis
Saxifraga x urbiumLondon prideevergreen perennial Saxifragaceaepinkishearly summerlight green fleshy rosettes25 x 60 cmslight shademoist Saxifraga x urbium
Scabiosa caucasia 'Miss Willmott'Pincushion flower herbaceous perennialDipsacaceaeEuropecreamy white summergrey-green, lance-shaped, clump60 x 60 cmsunny light, well drainedScabiosa caucasia 'Miss Willmott'
Schizostylis coccineaKaffir lilyhardy perennial IridaceaeS. Africapinklate summer, early autumn light green, ribbed, strap-like60 x 25 cmopen, sunny moistcover crown in winterSchizostylis coccinea
Sedum albumevergreen perennialCrassulaceae Europe, W. Asiaflat heads, whitemid summersmall, cigar-shaped, 'bottle-brush' array15 x 30 cm sunnyany, not wetSedum album
Sedum kamtschaticumStonecropsemi-evergreen CrassulaceaeNE Siberia, China & Japanstar-shaped, orange-tinged, yellowsummer to autumnmid-green, oval, toothed, fleshy8 x 20 cmfull sunany well drainedSedum kamtschaticum
Sedum pachycladossucculent perennial CrassulaceaeAfghanistancreamy whitemid and late summerfresh green rosettes, rounded, fleshy5 x 15 cm sunnywell drainedSedum pachyclados
Sedum rupestreStonecropevergreen perennial CrassulaceaeW. Europeyellowmid summerblue-grey, awl-shaped, fleshy20 x 60 cmsunny any, well drained syn. S. reflexum, S. forsterianumSedum rupestre
Sedum spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco'succulent evergreen perennialCrassulaceaewestern N. Americabright yellow early summergrey-green powdered silver-grey10 x 20 cmfull sunwell drainedbrittle, rots in moist soil Sedum spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco'
Sedum spathulifolium 'Purpureum'succulent evergreen perennialCrassulaceaewestern N. Americabright yellow early summergrey-green, flushed plum-red in summer10 x 20 cm full sunwell drainedSedum spathulifolium 'Purpureum'
Sedum spectabileIce plantsucculent perennial CrassulaceaeChinapink, purple centreearly autumn pale blue-green, shallow-toothed40 x 40 cm sunnywell drainedSedum spectabile
Sedum spuriumsemi-evergreen perennial Crassulaceaethe Caucasuspurple-pinkmid to late summerdark green, toothed, smooth, fleshy10 x 90 cm sunnyany, not wetSedum spurium
Sedum telephiumherbaceous perennial CrassulaceaeN. Iran and the Caucasusred-purple or whitish late summer, early autumnbright green, blunt-toothed, waxy<20 x 30 cmsunnymost, not heavy, wetSedum telephium
Sempervivum 'Rosie'Houseleekevergreen succulent Crassulaceaeflushed pink5 x 20 cm sunnywell drainedmay rot in wet soilSempervivum 'Rosie'
Sempervivum 'Rubin'Houseleekevergreen succulent Crassulaceaebronze-red rosettes5 x 20 cm sunnyany well drainedmay rot in wet soilSempervivum 'Rubin'
Silene uniflora 'Robin Whitebreast'Sea campion perennialCaryophyllaceaewhitemid to late summersoft grey-green15 x 60 cmsunnywell drained, fertilesyn, 'Flore Pleno'Silene uniflora 'Robin Whitebreast'
Sisyrinchium brachypusYellow grassevergreen perennialIridaceaeN. Americabright yellowlate spring and summergrey-green, strap-like15 x 15 cmfull sunwell drainedself-seeds freelySisyrinchium brachypus
Sisyrinchium 'California Skies'Blue-eyed grassevergreen perennialIridaceaeN. Americadeep bluelate spring, summergrey-green15 x 15 cmfull sunwell drainedSisyrinchium 'California Skies'
Sisyrinchium 'Mrs Spivey'herbaceous perennial IridaceaeN. Americawhite, star-likeearly summer mid-green, narrow, sword-like20 x 15 cmfull sun well drained, avoid winter waterloggingseeds freelySisyrinchium 'Mrs Spivey'
Sisyrinchium striatumperennial Iridaceaepale yellowmid to late summer grey-green60 x 30 cmfull sunwell drained avoid waterloggingSisyrinchium striatum
Sisyrinchium striatum 'Varigatum'Aunt May perennialIridaceaepale yellowmid to late summer striped cream, grey-green50 x 25 cmfull sunwell drained avoid waterloggingSisyrinchium striatum 'Varigatum'
Skimmia japonica 'Rubella'evergreen shrub Rutaceaepink buds, male flowers buds all winterspringred-rimmed, bright green, pointed oval1.5 x 1.5 mpartial shadewell-drained, moistgrows in seaside gardens Skimmia japonica 'Rubella'
Smilacina racemosaFalse Soloman's seal edible fruit, laxative in large amountsherbaceous perennialConvallariaceaeHimalayasfluffy-looking, creamy whitemid spring to mid summerlight green, elliptic, parallel veins75 x 75 cmpartial shadehumus-rich, fairly moist, acid to neutralSmilacina racemosa
Solidago 'Goldenmosa'Golden rodherbaceous perennial CompositaeAmericas and Eurasiagolden-yellowlate summer to autumnyellowish green75 x 45 cmsun or partial shademoist but free drainingdivide 3 yrly. invasiveSolidago 'Goldenmosa'
Sorbus aucupariaMountain ash, rowandeciduous tree Rosaceaenativecreamy whitelate springgreen pinnate, autumn colours5 x 2 m (20 yrs) ult. 12 msun or part shade well drainedautumn berriesSorbus aucuparia
Spiraea japonica 'Gold Mound'deciduous shrub Rosaceaepinkmid to late summerbright gold, toothed 30 x 30 cmfull sunany reasonably fertileSpiraea japonica 'Gold Mound'
Spiraea x argutaBridal wreathdeciduous shrub whitespring2 x 2 mfull sun deep, fertileSpiraea x arguta
Spiraea x billardiideciduous shrub Rosaceaepink, dense paniclesearly to mid summer mid green, oval, finely toothed2 x1 msun, partial shade reasonably fertile, not chalkySpiraea x billardii
Stachys byzantina (lanata)Lambs lugsevergreen perennialgrey, furryfull sun well-drainedStachys byzantina (lanata)
Symphyandra wanneri
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herbaceous perennial CampanulaceaeE. Europemid blue, pendantlate summer pointed, oval, toothed, basal rosette30 x 20 cmsunny light, very well drainedSymphyandra wanneri
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Tanacetum coccineumPyrethrumherbaceous perennial Compositae SE Europedaisy-like, pink to red petals July to Septemberfinely divided, aromatic75 x 60 cmsunny well-draineddried flowers make insectacideTanacetum coccineum
Tanacetum parthenium 'Aureum'Golden feverfewshort-lived perennialCompositaewhite, daisy-like summer bright green, deeply cut, aromatic 45 x 30 cm sunwell drainedself-seeds freelyTanacetum parthenium 'Aureum'
Taxus baccataCommon yew, English yewevergreen treeTaxaceaenative dark green needles150 x 60 cm (5 yrs) ult. 20 m full sun or deep shade any, not waterlogged Taxus baccata
Taxus baccata 'Dovastonii Aurea'evergreen spreading treeTaxaceaedark green, yellow new growth 0.5 x 2 m (5 yrs)partial shadeany, not waterlogged Taxus baccata 'Dovastonii Aurea'
Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata Aureomarginata'Golden Irish yew evergreen upright tree Taxaceae golden margins on younger leaves120 x 45 cm (5 yrs)partial shadeany, not waterloggedTaxus baccata 'Fastigiata Aureomarginata'
Teucrium chamaedrysGermanderevergreen sub-shrub LabiataeMediterraneanloose spikes, rosy-purple summer green, holly-like20 x 30 cmsunnyany, reasonably lightTeucrium chamaedrys
Thymus citriodorus 'Archer's Gold' Thymeperennial LabiataelilacJune to Julyyellow20 x 30 cm sunny, shelteredlight, well drainedThymus citriodorus 'Archer's Gold'
Tiarella cordifoliaFoam flowerevergreen perennial Saxifragaceaewhite spiressummer pale green, bronze tint in winter 23 x 100 cm cool, shadyhumus rich, moist ground coverTiarella cordifolia
Trachystemon orientale Trachystemon orientale
Tradescantia 'Blue & Gold' Spider lily,herbaceous perennial Commelinaceaevivid blue early summer to autumn golden, lance-shaped50 x 45 cmsunny moist, well drained Tradescantia 'Blue & Gold'
Tradescantia virginiana 'Purple Dome'Spider lily, spiderwort hardy herbaceous perennial Commelinaceae rich purple summermid green, linear-lancolate 60 x 45 cm full sunany fertileTradescantia virginiana 'Purple Dome'
Tradescantia x andersonianaSpider lily, spiderwort herbaceous perennialCommelinaceaewhitesummer and autumn mid green, lance-shaped60 x 45 cm sunny or partial shadewell-drained, light, moderate fertility Tradescantia x andersoniana
Tradescantia x andersoniana 'J.C. Weguelin'Spider lily, spiderworthardy herbaceous perennialCommelinaceae lavender-blueearly summer to early autumn mid green, linear-lanceolate60 x 45 cmfull sunany fertile Tradescantia x andersoniana 'J.C. Weguelin'
Tricyrtis formosanaToad lilyherbaceous perennial Liliaceaespotted, purplish pink, yellow throatearly autumn dark green, lance-shaped60 x 45 cmsheltered, sunnyhumus-richslugs in spring, mildewTricyrtis formosana
Tricyrtis hirta Japanese toad lily herbaceous perennialLiliaceaewhite, purple spottedlate summer, early autumndark green, narrow, strong hairy stems90 x 45 cm sun or partial shadewell-drained, moisture retentivemulch in winter Tricyrtis hirta
Tropaeolum speciosum
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Scottish flame flower herbaceous perennial climberTropaeolaceaeCentral and South America bright redmid to late summer vibrant green, 5-7 lobes3 m x 60 cmfull sunwell drained, moisture-retentive grow through hedge or treeTropaeolum speciosum
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Verbascum olympicum Mulleinevergreen biennial Scrophulariaceaebright goldenmid summer onwards felt-like, grey 2m x 1msunny well-drained self-seedsVerbascum olympicum
Verbascum phoeniceumMulleinshort-lived evergreen perennialScrophulariaceaeS. EuropemagentaMay to August dark green, furry90 x 30 cmfull sunwell drained Verbascum phoeniceum
Verbena bonariensis syn. patagonicaherbaceous perennialVerbenaceae purplesummer to autumn dark green basal clump1.5 m x 50 cmfull sun well-drainedVerbena bonariensis syn. patagonica
Viburnum davidiievergreen shrubCaprifoliaceae small whitelate springdark green, lanceolate, creased lengthwise 1.5m x 1.5m sunnywell-drainedViburnum davidii
Vinca major Periwinkleevergreen sub-shrub ApocynaceaeN. Africa, cent. Asia, Europebluespring, early summerdark green, glossy45 cm x indefinitesunny, partial shadeany well drainedsun for good floweringVinca major
Vinca minor
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Periwinkleevergreen sub-shrub ApocynaceaeN.Africa, cent. Asia, Europebluespring, early summerdark green, glossy20 cm x indefinitesunny, partial shadeany well drained sun for good flowering, ground cover Vinca minor
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Wisteria sinensisdeciduous climbing shrub LeguminosaeChinablue-violet racemesspring, before leaves emerge7-13 dark to mid green leafletsht 10 -15 msheltered, sunny (not east)rich, moist loamprune appropriatelyWisteria sinensis
Zantedeschia 'Kiwi Blush'
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Arum lilyherbaceous perennialAraceaeS Africawhite, pink flushed throat late spring, early summerbright green, arrow-shaped50 x 30 cm sunnymoist or wet, fertileZantedeschia 'Kiwi Blush'
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